Friday, February 5, 2016

Movie script: “Flip the Script” or “28A”

Movie script: “Flip the Script” or “28A”
Mr. Smith goes to Washington, It’s a Wonderful Life, Meet John Doe
Act 1: Video announcement goes viral

Attn: BLM, Tea Party, Occupy, NRA, HRC (LGBT), NOW (women’s rights)
3/5/16 National Rally on D.C. Mall (major cities)
28th Amendment platform, “flip the script”

Concert and rally to raise funds and awareness for collective action
100K people go to the mall Saturday (once a month until election)
Famous musicians, actors, comedians, activist all throw their weight behind “28A”
The sign language is victory sign (2), hold up 8 fingers (8), then both hands make steeple or A shape (A).

Trot me out as “original organizer, originator of 28A” to speak, sing, joke…national TV coverage. 2 songs, 3-4 jokes, 10 minute speech.
The music sells well and online sales include, concerts featuring famous bands, standup comedy special, speaking on podcasts and interviewing famous people.  Any and all attempts to target and stop the main character are thwarted by fans.
Stop the Smear: online army of volunteers:
Smear by online and media trolls is debunked, thwarted by army of media watchdogs and student volunteers who systematically refute erroneous claims and overwhelm negative messages with positive feedback and positive stories.
Gate keepers shut out the noise: The social media accounts of hostile forces are systematically closed and content deleted. The major search engines and ISP companies use automated programs and bots to scrub the online environment of hostile and negative materials and media messaging. 
Legal eagles attack: Any legal actions are met with volunteer legal talent that countersues and defends on all fronts. Judges throw out hostile actions or sit on them and delay.
Clear the Airwaves: The national media refuses to give air time to hostile stories, personalities, and accusations. All accusations and rumors that do get through are met with likewise with rumors, counter charges, and investigations against the sources.
Government pressure: Government employees and agencies apply pressure to those attacking using IRS, law enforcement, administrative action to silence and delay accusers and their supporters.
Employers and Owners:Business leaders and owners use their connections and associations to isolate and pressure hostile forces.
Mass rally, continue to sing, joke, speak and the crowd responds enthusiastically. Successful TV interviews and public personhood. Runs as Independent candidate for president, wall to wall coverage, dynamic debates, concert/rallies with famous people, and comeback victory.

Muckraking whistleblower reporter breaks the news that the fix was in, there was a set up and subject was the target of an organized smear campaign political hit.
Petition to the white house, appoint citizen X as secretary of state, Petitions online, get X in the debate. Go fund me candidate petition and fund drive to put X on the ballot and in WH

Damage control: ALL university students go online and control the message by Petition to WH about 28th Amendment movement and spokesman. Wiki message control, likes on videos, positive feedback pushback. Troll suppression online forums, chats, comments. Get him back on the airwaves petition and campaign. Grass roots campaign, social media drives the subject into mass media spotlight. Protest movement begins to expand and grow and subject is at the heart of the action, press is forced to cover the protests and sit ins.

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