Saturday, January 30, 2016

28th Amendment platform to renew the American Dream: Flip The Script

The 28th Amendment features the following laws: Public funding of all federal and state elections, Gun Ownership Rights Amendment, Gay Rights Amendment, End Birthright Citizenship Amendment. The other laws in the platform are sunset laws for all federal programs and agencies, $15/hr. Minimum Wage, Tea Party tax reform VAT tax, civil rights Black Lives Matter, education reform free junior college, one year government service at 18, women’s health initiative, Occupy Wall Street financial reform, civil liberties internet users bill of rights, immigration reform, population stabilization goals, child protection Act, employment on demand, national energy plan, national industrial and trade policy, drug treatment on demand and decriminalization pilot program, end nonlethal weapons human experimentation
28th Amendment platform to renew the American Dream: The following laws are promises to action that shall apply to all candidates who wish to ride the coattails of the 28th Amendment. These issues are designed to maximize voter participation and alter the political landscape over the course of several election cycles. These proposals are also a call to arms for civil disobedience.
28th Amendment will publically fund all state and federal elections, not to exceed a reasonable number of candidates per office. Elections will utilize the public airwaves, internet, (other) to reach the largest number of citizens. Elections will take place during a finite period of time, not to exceed one year. The current system of legalized bribery and extortion is ended. All public officials who solicit or accept bribes shall be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Current legislative and other favors for the understanding or accomplishment of future employment shall be adjudicated as bribery. All public business shall be transacted transparently on publically funded property using means paid for by the tax payer. These same communications and transactions of public business shall be made part of the public record within 12 years. Willful evasion of transparency constitutes a violation of law.
Gun Ownership Rights: The Second Amendment is open to interpretation and is thus tenuous in its provisions. The Amendment to the Constitution shall codify for all time that all adult citizens shall enjoy the right of firearm ownership. A gun safety test and written test shall be given, not to exceed the rigors of the standard automobile license written and driving test. A state ID will be issued. Persons who wish to own present day legal military rifles may do so, but must pay a standard yearly fee, not to exceed the standard cost of the weapon. All persons who have completed US military training and service are exempt from paying said fee. All gun sales and thefts shall be reported. Citizens who have been declared mentally incompetent by a judge must surrender all weapons until the state determines otherwise. Persons during divorce or separation may have their weapons temporarily taken. Persons convicted of serious felonies such as assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, illegal possession of a firearm, or other high crimes SHALL permanently forfeit their gun ownership rights. Cities with a population over 100,000 persons shall prohibit the carrying of firearms of any kind, and may prohibit all firearm ownership, subject to a felony not to exceed five years for the first offense. Noninvasive methods of search and detection may be used to enforce the firearm laws of the city, excepting those methods that pose a significant health risk. The city government, in coordination with the state, may issue individual carry permits as they see fit, subject to revocation at will. The federal government will assist said cities using gun buyback programs and relevant technologies for passive firearm detection. All ammunition MAY be fingerprinted or tagged in a manner to allow law enforcement to trace criminal evidence back to the person who purchased to ammunition.
Gay Rights: all citizens are due equal protection under the law, including all persons of differing sexual orientations. This shall include freedom from employment discrimination, as well as housing, education, and all aspects of public and private life. Sexual relations between consenting adults shall not be criminalized.
Birthright Citizenship: Birthright Citizenship is revoked: All persons born to American citizens are naturalized citizens. All persons born in the US to persons who are not American citizens are not automatically naturalized citizens. Citizenship is a right and a precious commodity that shall not be conferred without cause and due process.
Sunset law provisions for all state and federally funded agencies and programs. Every 12 years each agency must perform for a designated special commission a self-review of its roles and responsibilities, including areas where its duties may overlap those of other agencies and the effect of the agency's loss of funding. The commission may recommend that an agency be continued in its present form, make recommendations to the legislature for improvement, consolidate it with another agency, or abolish it, with its duties either eliminated or transferred to other agencies. This applies to all government agencies except universities, courts, agencies established by the Constitution.
One year government service at 18, individual choices for military home guard, international humanitarian, civilian conservation corps, medical corps, domestic community service, other. Trade 2yrs of service for 4yrs of college.
Education reform, free junior college to job site program partnership industry and government pipeline to work. The government will coordinate with industry the number and type of workers needed for a four year plan. Government will use the junior college and university system in tandem with high schools to recruit, educate, train, and supply the number and type of workers requested by industry. The program will be paid for by the government and upon completion the employers and employees together will split 25% of the cost of the program. Top 15% of all students go to college, early graduation at 16 (must pass the GED), free junior college and four year state school. (Standard IQ tests and academic scores). Junior college tuition is free for all in state students, paid for 80% by government.
$15/hr. minimum wage, increase $2 per year until $15 is reached for employers with 80 or more employees. Employment upon demand, right to work for homeless and unemployed adults and youths. Scale up a program to employ all people in the community seeking work, from both private and public employers. Wages will be less than minimum wage so as not to compete with the private sector. 90 day probationary period applies, three strikes and you’re out. Every two years the bottom 10%, least effective and productive programs shall be terminated and funding reallocated to other employers and programs. Once this program is in place elements of the current welfare state shall be phased out where possible without widespread hunger and deprivation resulting.
Industrial policy will encourage and subsidize the return of domestic manufacturing of strategic technology goods, computers, electronics, aviation, communications, others, using tax policy, energy policy, and employee training programs. All reasonable efforts shall be made to reindustrialize a significant portion of the economy and workforce to enhance national security and economic wellbeing. Where applicable, in the future a carbon tax MAY be applied to foreign goods produced using fossil fuels such as coal and oil, or producing widespread deforestation or other similar environmental impacts. Trade agreements MAY be unilaterally modified using the 50% rule. Domestic industries deemed too important to lose, after careful consideration, will be given a protected 50% share of estimated historical/future domestic demand. The estimated dollar value will be offset by allowing the affected trade partners the same prerogative, shielding up to 50% of a protected good, be it agriculture, textiles, electronics, or other. Existing trade authorities will arbitrate the offsets and estimated values. Infrastructure projects will be funded to replace and rebuild our neglected bridges, water treatment facilities, and inner city mass transit projects such as subways and next generation mass transit.
Occupy Wall Street, Glass Stiegel law reinstated, offshore corporate untaxed profits repatriation, end flash trading/computerized trading. Corporations are not people under law. Prosecute 2008 illegal market activity, financial crimes shall be punished with jail, not just fines. Corporate death penalty for worst felony repeat offenders. Greater federal subsidies for universities, 0% loans for university students. Institute more progressive taxation on billionaires. Employ a small transaction tax for trades on the stock market. Exclude for profit schools from government funds, including government student loans.
Black Lives Matter: Top 10% of all inner city minority and disadvantaged students go to magnet schools, then college, free junior college and four year state school. (IQ and academic performance). Police body cameras mandatory, citizen review board MAY fire bottom 1% of police (complaints and reviews) each year with no return to policing allowed, nonlethal tetanizer technology use instead of tasers, dedicated mental illness squads, martial arts proficiency mandatory, retraining on use of force, investigations on all use of force/deadly force by outside prosecutor similar to an external internal affairs division. All police officers must complete at least two years of college education to be considered for employment in a major metropolitan area. All relevant public records made public within one year. Legalize small amounts of controlled substances and fully fund drug treatment programs. Establish a pilot program similar to that of Portugal where illegal drugs are made legal within a certain jurisdiction and people have access to illegal drugs derived from plants. Making drugs a public health issue, delivering treatment upon demand, including free 40 day detox and treatment for all persons under 21 years of age as a cost effective means of approaching the drug epidemic. Since resources are finite, any adult who has completed three attempts at treatment is no longer eligible for free treatment.
Tea Party tax reform, IRS reforms, 4 tier system, personal income: 0, 15%, 25%, 35%, above $1 Billion 50%, only one home deduction, medical/child 100%, casualty loss, period. Estate taxes remain, above $100 million 90%. Enforcement and collection of corporate tax provisions. A VAT tax will be implemented on consumption (food and medicine are exempt) to replace payroll tax.
Voting Rights: The tradition of one man one vote shall be affirmed. Laws that exclude and discriminate shall be null and void. A national holiday shall be created to allow maximum participation. All voting systems shall be designed to be verifiable and foolproof, one example would be a skew number that is detachable to be retained by the voter, and can be checked against a paper ballot and can be checked online. Gerrymandering is illegal, representative districts must be created using the fewest number of sides or lines possible, specifically a rectangle is the preferred shape. The purposeful or systematic disenfranchisement of voters using gerrymandering or other means of voter suppression shall be proscribed by law. Public officials who actively suppress voter participation shall be held liable to criminal and civil penalty.
Women’s Health Initiative, women shall receive access to subsidized child care, neonatal program, extended paid family leave for both parents, health care programs designed to promote optimal health outcomes for women. Teenage pregnancy shall be discouraged by early education and birth control options. Two parent families are preferable for economic reasons and for child development, and shall be actively encouraged through incentives. Stated plainly, the state should normalize marriage in the interests of greater social harmony, and in the face of unacceptable levels of childhood poverty.
Immigration Reform Act, Citizenship in a Democratic Republic is a priceless right that shall not be given heedlessly to anyone without careful consideration. Northern Command shall deploy such forces as needed to secure the southern and or northern border and when certified that the border control is 99% effective then further reforms shall commence. All persons in the United States illegally shall register within a 6 month time frame to be considered for naturalization. Any person who fails to register in time shall be deported. All persons who entered and are here illegally within the last ten years 2005 (10yrs) shall be deported without exception. All persons here illegally with a history of criminal activity or criminal enterprises and organizations shall be deported. All persons who were born outside the US and who engage in a systematic pattern of criminal behavior or who associate with known criminals or criminal enterprises and organizations shall be deported. All persons here illegally for more than ten years who have learned English, established a credible work history, and have shown a willingness to assimilate into American life shall be naturalized within two years. A national registry shall be created to establish legal citizenship and all employers shall determine legality in good faith. Failure to do so incurs a fine and jail time for repeat offenses. All minors here illegally who have completed five or more years in the school system shall receive citizenship pending relevant issues related to criminal activity. All said minors who have completed five years of school who have since reached legal age shall be granted citizenship pending relevant issues related to criminal activity. No said minors shall remain if their parents are judged illegal (10 years) excepting those who procure legal guardians who are citizens or eligible and expectant for naturalization. Special immigration courts will be established to expedite these determinations. Judges will be granted reasonable leeway to decide the merits of individual cases. These determinations may also be made in other courts. Laws may be enacted restricting the use of public and private facilities to persons who are here illegally, not to include schools or hospitals. All foreign born criminals (felons) and those criminal persons in the US illegally who are inhabiting US jails and prisons, including those subject to removal, shall become the responsibility of the US government, and shall be held at federal expense in dedicated federal facilities until such time as their sentences are served, whereupon they shall be deported. It is vitally important to the security of the state and its citizens that a large racial underclass of poor disenfranchised and alienated people shall not be created. This process is known as Balkanization and is a danger to a free society. Assimilation, intermarriage, education, and upward social mobility are the key to avoiding the creation of separate societies that may at some point conflict. These four aspects shall be encouraged wherever possible in US policy pertaining to immigration.
Population, immigration, and child friendly government laws: The people of United States wishing to be responsible and preserve their quality of life have determined to reduce population expansion and to stabilize the domestic population near the current level.  It is not in the best interests of the people of the US to become a country of one billion people. The value of human life, like any precious commodity, goes down as the supply rises. All family and child related policies will reflect the goal of a birth rate that is at or near replacement. Immigration policies will become more selective, identifying skills, knowledge, and abilities that are advantageous to society that may be sought and easily incorporated. Less emphasis will be given to those immigrants without the educational and professional attainments judged to be desired. Educational opportunities for foreign students need not be impeded and should instead be encouraged as a means of accomplishment and assimilation. Tax policies, child care opportunities and employment practices shall reflect an emphasis upon enabling families to more easily shoulder the economic and other burdens of child birth and child rearing. Two parent families will be encouraged through positive inducements, and the same positive incentives will be used to encourage the ideal number of children per couple to realize population stabilization. Social harmony and standard of living increases are the goals and outcomes of wise social policy. Assimilation of immigrant populations and upward social mobility of minority groups will also increase social harmony. Creation of a vast minority underclass is divisive and dangerous. Twenty years of stable social structure and policy are designed to optimize the wellbeing of American society and can only be evaluated over the course of a generation.
Internet user’s bill of rights, personal privacy statute, personal information and electronic data are the property of the individual period. Any and all contracts that do not state clearly in as few words as possible what the individual receives in return for their personal information are void. All searches and seizures must be by a warrant. All government security agency and corporate stored data must otherwise remain private, be kept for 10 years, and then be destroyed at the conclusion of the 10 year government census. Exceptions being, after ten years a sealed “time capsule” may be created to be opened in 100 years. Other exceptions, individual names and personal identification can be removed and data retained for medical study, demographic and historical needs that show great societal benefit.
Child Protection Act: All convicted adult persons who engaged in sexual intercourse with a child of ten years or younger (or a prepubescent child) shall automatically be remanded to a dedicated secure facility for life, excepting the eventual acquiescence of a certified panel of experts, the chief law enforcement officer, and governor of the state in question. A federal DNA database shall be created of all arrested individuals and these profiles will be stored offline, separately from the names, in two distinct locations to avoid theft. It will be compulsory to check the database for all robberies, rapes, and murders. All existing DNA evidence will be processed using federal funds. All murders and rapes in the US shall be subject to a federal reward system leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. This reward will be void in the case of the reward itself being the motive or a motive for the crime in question. The final determination of said reward shall be the Attorney General of the United States.
End nonlethal weapons crimes: Cease crimes by the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade and the assault on civil society by government. Nonconsensual human experimentation is being used to test, develop, and perfect anti-personnel weapons using political activists and whistleblowers. These crimes are a continuation of human experimentation used to develop nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons by the DOD going back to the WWII era. Enforce laws that are true to the Nuremberg Code pertaining to human experimentation. Create a Congressional commission to hold public hearings. The 704th MIB SHALL revert to civilian control under the ultimate control and direction of the President of the United States. A truth and reconciliation commission shall be formed, hold hearings, receive testimony, and issue a final report.

Next generation energy initiative, All life comes down to energy systems. It is necessary that the United States possess and operate the most modern, efficient, and productive form of energy generation that current technology can supply. The reasons are economic, technological, geopolitical, and environmental. To wit the federal government will form a government consortium, a 51/49% public private company to design build and operate 6th generation nuclear power reactors along the lines of the MSR molten salt reactors first used experimentally in the US in the 1950’s and 60’s. A single standardized design of said type of reactors will be built, one that is certified by the US Dept. of Energy.  The government will mine, refine, and control the fuel supply, sufficient to supply at least 50-70% of the nation’s electrical energy. The remaining energy will be created using renewable sources such as hydro, solar, wind, and geothermal. The MSR design does not produce weapons grade material, is impossible to “melt down”, and can use existing nuclear waste as fuel that is thereby rendered comparatively harmless. Electricity costs will be heavily subsidized for a number of years. These same plant designs shall be exported to other nations to replace the use of coal and similar fossil fuels. Their construction and operation will be subsidized by the international community and all user costs will be negligible for the initial period. Imported energy will be subject to a carbon tax. Energy export infrastructure for oil and natural gas will be subsidized to supply allied nations and maintain low prices for fossil carbon energy internationally.

Marshall Gregory Thomas 11/13/15

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